How do I qualify for membership?

You must be aged 60 or over by the date you subscribe to membership.

What is the cost?

You pay a fixed membership which is pre-determined and inclusive except for administration charges, insurance and maintenance. All of which will be made clear to you before you decide to acquire membership.

What extra hidden charges are there?

None. Maintenance, insurance and administration charges are only increased in line with the annual inflation rate in Malta.

What guarantees do I have?

Your membership rights are protected by law to ensure your best interests are upheld. The independent scheme trustees will hold all deposits and balance of subscription fees until transactions have been satisfactorily concluded and your membership certificate issues. As a guarantee member of a public limited liability company you will have voting rights and may be represented at the company's annual general meeting.

Do I share with anyone else?

No. Membership is exclusive to you, or for joint membership, your companion or partner. But whilst you are a member your immediate family can also enjoy use of the property. Close friends may also use the property but only when you are in residences.

Can I pass on my membership to anyone else?

No. Membership is restricted to you and joint member if applicable, whilst you are alive. This membership ceases immediately you and your joint member (if applicable) are deceased.

What happens if I die or want to give up my membership?

When you and your partner are deceased or if you wish to give up your membership you, or your heirs, will be reimbursed for up to 100% of the original subscription cost, provided we are able to reassign your membership to a third party.

Can I ship my possessions?

Yes, and should you choose to become a temporary or permanent resident in Malta, most if not all your possessions are free from customers duty.

Can I benefit from the lower rates of taxation in Malta?

Yes, provided you choose to become a temporary or permanent resident. Taxes can be as low as 15%.