Sunblessed Horizons Limited
International House,
Victoria Road,
Isle of Man.

Gozo, your perfect retirement home in the Mediterranean !

The perfect retirement or holiday property location under the Mediterranean sun!


The enchanted island of Gozo, Malta, in the middle of the blue Mediterranean. The perfect location for a new retirement or holiday property. A perfect opportunity to enjoy exclusive use of a select property within a designer styled development of luxury apartments, by benefiting from membership of our unique scheme. An opportunity to enjoy use of one of these beautiful retirement homes for the rest of your life, exclusively by you, immediate family or close friends at any time you desire, for as long as you wish. And all this at considerably less than the cost of outright purchase!

Through individual membership you may make 100% use of this property 365 days a year for as long as you live. Move to Gozo for your retirement, or use this property as a holiday retreat for as long as you wish.

If you are nearing or over 50 years of age you can qualify for membership of the Sunblessed Horizons Leisure Lifestyles Plan. The plan is open to joint members too and provided you are both over 50 you will both be entitled to lifetime enjoyment. Find out more about this exclusive scheme.

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